Lead Generation Ads on Social Media using product / service Video


Are you struggling to get leads / prospects for your business? Is your Leads Generation Ad not giving you desired results?

Lead generation Ads on social media channels works best when used with a good storyline, and a very good speedy and catchy landing page of your product or service. Smart Suburbs has made many happy stories of Social Media Lead Generation using Video.

Below are the 4 steps to have Effective and Successful Lead generation using Videos

STEP 1: Get a High Quality Social Media Page (Search Friendly + Services Ready)

We offers BEST Digital step towards Social Media. Social Media page allows you to get your presence on world's most active social media platform. Thus, Social Media page is a MUST for any business. Get Smart Suburbs Social Media Expert to shape your Social Media page the best way. 

Bonus: We bundle 5 highly creative social media posts FREE for your page

Step 2: Video to market your Brand / Product / Service is all that is required to grab attention of your prospects

A video says a 1000 Pictures. Very True!! A Video with a good story line, right type of sound is a clear winner when it comes to hypnotizing your audience. We provide VIDEO which is perfect for your Biz to take the STEP 3 of Social Media Marketing, ie; Social Media Ad

Bonus: Your video is also posted FREE on Smart Suburbs YouTube channel to gain max visibility.

Step 3: Advertise on Social Media for Leads Generation

Without Paid Social Media ads, you will wait till the cows come home and the door way lamp will dim away. Social Media Advertisement is the most COST EFFECTIVE dose to gain prospects. Don't let the prospects wait too long and get them calling.

Bonus: Your Marketing Video is posted for FREE on 20 Social Media pages of Smart Suburbs Network.

Step 4: Fast Loading Landing Page

For better conversion you need to have super fast loading landing page. Landing page gives more information about your product and services.

Landing page with clear Call To Action can convert More.

Bonus: Free Landing Page hosted for a year.

Some of our Client Videos used for Social Media Lead Generation Service


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